Rolls of honour

This is where we highlight our members' most notable achievements.

National representation

 Club triathletes who have been selected to represent GB in international competition:

  • Anne Ephraums
  • Catherine Hilton
  • Ellie Dominey
  • Helen Jones
  • Jake Smith
  • Jane Beech
  • Liz Elliott
  • Vanessa Glyn-Jones


Completion of  Ironman triathlons while members of the club:

Club record holders: Tom Elliott 9:15:20 (Ironman Barcelona 2015) and Helen Jones 10:58 (Outlaw 2016).

  • Anne Ephraums (Ironman Barcelona)
  • Catherine Hilton (Ironman Wales and World Championships Ironman Kona)
  • Dennis Elliott (Ironman Sweden, Copenhagen, Barcelona)
  • Fred Matysek (Ironman Barcelona)
  • Guy Paddon (Ironman Wales)
  • Hadleigh Davies (Ironman Barcelona)
  • Helen Jones (The Outlaw, Ironman Vichy)
  • Jo McCollum (The Outlaw)
  • Kevin Wood (Ironman Zurich, Austria)
  • Lewis Brown (Cotswold 226)
  • Lisa Maggs (Ironman Wales, Bolton)
  • Lucy Le Coq (Ironman New Zealand)
  • Matt Player (Ironman Barcelona)
  • Matthew Collins (Ironman Vichy)
  • Nick Johnson (Ironman Barcelona 2015 and 2016)
  • Nigel Down (Ironman Zurich)
  • Phil Bayliss (Ironman Barcelona)
  • Phil Rees (Ironman Wales, Barcelona)
  • Rich Coleman (The Lakes man)
  • Richard Harvey (Ironman Bolton)
  • Stephen Morfey (The Outlaw)
  • Tom Bland (Ironman Wales)
  • Tom Elliott (Ironman Copenhagen, Barcelona)
  • Tony Spencer (Ironman Nice)
  • Vanessa Glynn Jones (Ironman Barcelona)