Summer duathlons - 10-lap ride

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DateNameFinishSplitsSubtotalsPerc of total timeNotes
Run 1T1BikeT2Run 2Ex. transRunsBikeTransRun 1BikeRun 2Trans
15-Jun-18Scarlett Livingstone32:23(1)10:02(1)0:23(1)16:54(1)0:19(1)04:45(1)31:41(1)14:47(1)16:54(1)0:42(1)
15-Jun-18Amelie Owen42:13(2)12:23(2)0:33(2)22:50(2)0:20(2)06:07(2)41:20(2)18:30(2)22:50(2)0:53(2)29.354.114.52.1
Run 1T1BikeT2Run 2Ex. transRunsBikeTrans
BestAmelie Owen42:13(2)12:23(2)0:33(2)22:50(2)0:20(2)6:07(2)41:20(2)18:30(2)22:50(2)0:53(2)
BestScarlett Livingstone32:23(1)10:02(1)0:23(1)16:54(1)0:19(1)4:45(1)31:41(1)14:47(1)16:54(1)0:42(1)