The N1 Tri Club whose motto is 'be the best you can be' was founded in 2009-we think.

It has become accepted that the name is linked to our motto as in 'Number1' be the best etc. but this is not true.

Our original application to join 'Triathlon England' in fact left our name blank as we were unsure what  title to employ. Instead we inserted a postcode which was the address of a house in a remote village where two of the club founders were living. When the approved application arrived it was delivered to the property's registered address, which was never in fact used- because of the nature of the location. This address was in fact 'Number 1 Steep Hill Northleigh' and whoever had processed the application had inserted 'N1 Tri Club' in the address line. Well what else could we do? We adopted the name and now it is recognised all over the world -literally.

The first few years were full of challenges as managing expectations and varying abilities over 3 sports is in truth a huge ask. Kevin Wood (one of the founder members) was our first Ironman finisher completing IM Zurich. A year later another founder Nigel Down was to emulate the feat and a basis was formed for our later achievements.

There were two events in our club that were game changers. Firstly the support of Leisure East Devon who supported our ambitions and allowed us to rent the whole swimming pool both in Honiton and Sidmouth. We cannot thank them enough and we would also like to thank their various managers and team members for continued support. 

Despite Kevin and Nigel's efforts we were still rather amateur at heart and then came Karl Hodson into our club and changed the whole approach. Karl was already a well known Champion Cycle Time Trial rider who taught us all about attitude, training intensity and best of all how to ride a bike in competition. Many still race with Karl's words ringing in their heads. At the same time Karl designed our club kit and soon we were in a different place looking the part and taking triathlon seriously. In recognition of his services to the club Karl was made our one current Life Member. Karl's busy life means we no longer see him regularly at the club but we all owe him a great debt of gratitude.

Our club's actual membership is small compared to many others. The current active roster around 40 but our extended membership of former members is much larger with people in London, North America, The South of France, Guernsey,Worcester,New Zealand and many other places still involved in some way in the culture of our club.

We have tried to involve team work in our approach, unusual in an individual sport, and whilst it would be untrue to say everything in our garden is rosy our core membership is always keen to support and encourage their team mates at events.

We are very proud of our GB athletes, you can see list of them in the GB Roll of Honour. Our Ironman achievements are truly remarkable with 4 finishers of Ironman or equivalent Long Course events. 

Whilst we do not have a junior section as s such members can introduce their children if appropriate and if they are supervised. We have not listed our junior racers achievements here but there have been some quite exceptional performances here too.

We intend keeping the club small and only accepting members who are dedicated to triathlon and are prepared to abide by the few rules we have.