Ironman Wales 2017.Oh my days! to borrow a phrase I love. How on earth do I do justice to yesterday In Wales.?It all started around 7 Am when Matt Collins,already in Wales with 'Team Owen' posted the scene on Tenby beach. To hear the massed crowds singing the Welsh national anthem was so moving-wow! Ironman Wales is recognised to be the most demanding Ironman Race on the circuit. Some say it is at least an 'hour longer’ in terms of reference times. Of course we can’t be accurate but yesterday there were two extra ‘twists’. Strong winds and driving rain. Now I know we always say ‘its the same for everyone, get on with it or similar’ but all locals were of the view this was the 'toughest IM Wales of all time' by some margin.I was absolutely delighted that a large group of supporters made the trip to encourage Catherine and John and also witness the whole spectacle. Catherine Hilton would never make the claim herself but she is in my opinion one of our best ever club athletes. After all she has carried our club colours over the finishing line at the mecca of our sport The Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii. This has been a very busy year for her as she has been globe trotting and her decision to enter the race was a late one with the consequence her training was packed into a compact period. However, no buts no ifs, her performance on the day was quite exceptional. She was 4th placed in the female 45-49 category in a time of 13 hours 26 minutes 34 seconds. She raced with her customary determination on show and she made all of us so proud to be able to urge her on and marvel at her efforts.Lets face it John Lynch is very good looking man. Given his background I would say that he ,probably more than any of us, understands the benefits of team work, dedication to excellence and pride in team colours. To see this man ‘parading’ round the course was quite a sight. I daresay his fan club increased by a significant margin given some of the comments we heard locally. However it is important we recognise John’s athletic performance. In his second Ironman race of the season he completed the course in the magnificent time of 11 hours 58 minutes 48 seconds. I am sure his colleagues in his former life would all have nodded approval of his effort but those of us who were there were delighted to be able to offer John and Catherine too a huge salute. My goodness they both deserved it.